2011-01-09 23:58:20 by Slug-Salt

Thundersocks made it in the top 5 songs of the week, I can't tell you how awesome that is. nice to see some hard work pay off...... who am i kidding it was all muse and like 3% me. But actually thanks to the cartoonists that helped it get heard you guys are the best.

thanks to everyone who has been scoring it so well, and if you get a moment check out "Starbloom" a new classicalish song i posted.

cheers and thanks again!!


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2011-01-11 11:13:02

Respond to my review on Starbloom, and i love Thundersocks!


2011-01-22 17:28:11

Congratulations on getting top 5! Thundersocks is such an AWESOME song, I listen to it almost every day! :)