just a reminder

2011-01-24 21:43:48 by Slug-Salt

please PLEASE...... credit me whenever you use my music, it may not seem like a big deal but id love to make a living off my tunes someday and the more hits my content gets in a search engine the better off i'll be when i'm applying for audio jobs. please and thank you!

bonus for taking the time to read the above! here is a picture of me and some friends from high school that was recently unearthed. I couldn't stop laughing I had total forgotten about it. My friend Atom won a free family portrait from sears off a carton of orange juice (he bought it to make the acid he was on more better.) so we got dressed up and went to the mall and this was the result. can you guess which one is me? (here is a hint i look like i have the gay real bad.)

just a reminder


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2011-01-24 22:18:26

haha the people in sears were probly like...wtf..was there a family with a baby waiting in line?


2011-01-25 12:33:15

That is pretty cool


2011-01-25 12:56:27

Hot. Now go make more music!


2011-02-01 17:57:28

I already know how to link to audio when I submit stuff (by putting in the audio ID number), but should I go ahead and mention you in the author's comments as well? If there is an alias you use other than slug-salt that you want to be known by let me know.

Slug-Salt responds:

you can always use my full name if you like "Jaryd Fontana" however if its for newgrounds don't worry about that Slug-Salt is just fine.


2011-02-02 18:44:25

only if you take out the telebubbie.