10 years holy hell

2011-02-22 00:12:17 by Slug-Salt

Today marks 10 years since i signed up for Newgrounds holy shit, that's crazy. The years flew by they really did. Hope this site is around for another ten years at least. For those of you i promised new music to, it's coming i swear, just got unlucky with exams and they all fell on the same week and since i did none of the reading i was supposed to do i had to catch up on 2 months of past reading assignments, yeah... i wana bash my brains out with this history book.


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2011-02-22 01:36:00

2 AWARDS! Holy Hell! Do you need any voice acting? I am willing to voice anyhting for you! Please PM me if interested!


2011-02-22 01:50:13

Sign-Up Date:
Level: 30
Aura: Fab

Rank: Police Sergeant
Blams: 561
Saves: 847
Rank #: 5,550

Whistle Status: Normal

Exp. Points: 9,820 / 9,990
Exp. Rank #: 1,622
Voting Pow.: 7.18 votes

BBS Posts: 2 (0 per day)
Flash Reviews: 47
Music Reviews: 31
Trophies: 2

I imagine you were only here for about 3years of it though. >:(

Slug-Salt responds:

on and off yeah, i didn't make a point to vote everyday until this last year.


2011-02-27 17:26:29

Has Newgrounds really been up for that long? That's crazy!
Ew, History. I just finished with my exams. Not... fun.... lol.


2011-03-03 13:30:34

I'm really waiting a new music!! ^^!
See ya!


2011-03-07 05:00:42

awesome man, amazed to hear you've been here that long. hope i'm still around then XD