I'm Back!

2011-03-29 23:36:53 by Slug-Salt

school has had me under it's thumb for a few weeks but i'm back! and i'm ready to start writing tons of music. i also think i'm gonna attempt another cartoon believe it or not. life is good and i'm ready to give back. cheers!


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2011-03-31 16:18:54

Life is good indeed...


2011-04-02 18:55:33

i know what you mean, i had to halt animating completely for nearly 3 weeks due to exam block, but it's good to have freedom again


2011-04-07 22:01:07

I've been listening to most of your music for the last few weeks, so I'm PSYCHED about new stuff! Best of luck on those school-related responsibility-ish thingies.


2011-04-09 23:27:53

Definitely looking forward to the day when these new songs melt my ears in their awesomeness, hahaha. ;)


2011-08-30 02:43:25


Slug-Salt responds:

miss you 2 broham hehe, believe it or not I AM WORKING ON NEW MUSIC WOO. have two i'm gonna submit soon.


2011-12-05 13:18:17

You were back, and now you're gone? Where are you man?

Slug-Salt responds:

hey dude, i am in fact back, though i don't get a chance to pop on as much as i used to. hopefully that will change. send me a pm anytime if you wanna collaborate my friend.


2012-05-02 12:08:58

Presuming you're back again, again. Every new song you post, is a salve for my soul :3