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2012-05-23 04:46:27 by Slug-Salt

I'm very tired, but after forever I've posted some new songs for you guys. They are works in progress so be gentle on me.

Happy Summer <3

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2012-05-23 14:19:08

No prob! Thanks for keeping in touch and the new tunes; finished or not, they kick butt!


2012-06-06 14:01:58

I feel like your musical compositions are evolving at the same rate and in the same direction as my musical taste. f(o_o)

"Sandy Ralemen" is awesome because it feels familiar, i.e. you can tell it's Slug-Salt, but it is also a brand new tone and feel from your other songs. "Mister Whiskers" did exactly what you wanted to do: build a sense of suspense and wonder, frenetic with fear but lyrical with curiosity. My one and only criticism of the last two pieces (perhaps the reason they are unfinished) is that they meander along a musical path instead of building a musical journey, one with a climax. Your other songs that are my favorites (Little Boomer, Escape Velocity, Caffeina, Thundersocks) all have a sense of climax at the end, a sense that all the previous music was leading to *this point*, and that all music after *this point* is the denouement. Meandering pieces are also nice, particularly with classical instruments, but for some reason your style makes me feel that the leading-to-a-climax model is your forte (har-dee-har).