It's a strange strange thing

2012-09-29 17:47:30 by Slug-Salt

Being 31 years old and going to college is a strange strange thing.

Back in my 20's I decided to take an alternative path in life, one that didn't involve scholastics. Instead I wrote music, taught myself flash, 3d modeling and other media. This has served me pretty well and landed me the job I have now which I love.

However I felt it important to continue my education, so in 2007 I enrolled in college here in upstate NY. Not only is it weird to be in school at 31, but add to that the unfamiliarity with the east cost mentality makes for an odd journey.

I know I make myself sound like an old timer when I say "what the fuck is with kids these days!" but I'll say it anyway. What the FUCK is with kids these days? Less than 2% of anyone I meet wants to do anything besides party, buy the newest whatsit or just veg like an idiot until their lives expire. I rarely find people that want to do something truly different with their time.

I foresee a new "punk" (I use the term very loosely) movement, and I pray for it to haste it's way here. I've had enough with the glamour and obsession with the rich. I say who needs them? Really, they belong to an elite group of the most shallow pricks on earth yet young people worship them. I say bring on the trash, bring on the nasty real world and let that take a spot light for a change. People need to start being inspired by their own lives not that imaginary life they think they want to be a part of, trust me when you get there you'll probably want to eat a bullet.

Start to think for yourselves kids! make less parodies and more originals, Say fuck you to that hot girl that has no time for you and bag yourself a chubby sweetheart that will love you and make you laugh. Make music, toons, art for yourself and nobody else. You might be ashamed of it at first, that's fine! look at it again in 5 years and you'll want to suck your own dick.

Of all the music I've written the stuff I wrote for myself, the stuff that I thought I'd never share with anyone is the best work to date.

<3 (I may or may not have been drinking)


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2012-09-29 19:18:51

You,sir,perfectly explained what today world is and what it should be.

You have my respect.


2012-09-29 20:15:38

I agree 100% with all stated above
minus the chubby sweetheart though

Slug-Salt responds:

Aww, everyone needs a fat dumper in their lives! Give it a try then get back to me.


2012-11-30 09:43:43

I am 30 and just finished grad school, so I can relate regarding the attitude of undergraduates in NY. They do seem hopeless, don't they?

But they aren't. They are learning. In the Northeast, college is the new high school: you go because you have to, never thinking about why you go, what you'll do there, and how to use it best. Really, you cannot start to grow up until you realize this idea: your life won't move, unless you move it. People who have always been in school don't get that, because their life has always moved around them, without them. Don't dwell on how inexperienced they are, because THEY WILL LEARN. One day, each of them (like us) will wake up and realize that their life won't change unless they change their life. That's maturity. And it's an unavoidable part of the cycle.

You can't be wise if you've never been an idiot.