And Distance In-Between (A spiraling thought)

2014-03-15 08:48:59 by Slug-Salt

     A faded photograph from my childhood shines brighter than any possible future. The longing so palpable if you told me I could put it all back together I might actually try. Step one; recover every book, thread and morsel given away. Step two; Cure my loved ones of age and burdens of time and dress them like the turn of the millennial icons they have become. Step three; resurrect those who have passed beyond and more so, recover their souls from Gods burning hands. Step four; clone eight year old self and give me only thirty minutes to explain to him how vital this moment, this very iota of time is the best of his life. And even if it isn’t he’ll remember it that way. Reluctantly I will let me run away from me knowing that nothing I’ve said will stick out in his mind. But upon further thought I realize that was exactly what was meant to happen.

     The best is yet to come this I must believe as the new youth tears gashes through the canvas we’ve painted of our teenage triumphs. We did it best after all but then again, isn’t that what our fathers said? What our mothers said? As the memories of a time without grey passes behind us like a car moving on a highway in the opposite direction we forget the fires; the wild fires of our hearts filled with sunlight and amoral purpose. Perhaps that is what we miss most, the assurity of our minds married with the will of our spotless hearts. Undefeated souls bending the will of the world to our means; as fleeting and shallow as they may be. I can tell you that God does not count the sins of the young, only when we start to believe he does; he does.

     Place an immortal being in a world of marionettes and he will soon start to think and move as they do. Their minds blister and spin so shall his, their strings bind them to the limits of matter and he will believe he has strings that can be bound. Tell him he is wood and clay and he will do as wood and clay does, even when it returns to which it came. But how long can the puppet masters convince a living thing it is dead? No longer than three beats of a humming birds heart.

     The nature of putting things back together goes against the nature of our material world. The essence of time is that when applied to a realm of matter will force it back to its basic elements. The Janitor is the greatest heretic of nature’s law, yet the dirty work they do is forced upon them out of necessity; like the slave soldiers of old they reverse the thing that would one day set the world to rights.

     So the photograph remains just a chemical reaction, and the resurrection of a life gone by is for now impossible. And the old cliché rings true, you can never go home again. But however imagination always trumps the impossible, so let’s pick up the box of holy crayons and draw a masterpiece of shit on the walls of God’s house. 


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2014-04-01 11:48:37

Funny to read this on April Fool's day... but I've been a janitor and custodian. It's a job, like any other, the difference is, do you make a difference? Are your efforts going to benefit people you care about, or just the unseen blank slates, who parade around while you're not there....? Haven't been sleeping well lately, hope you're doing well!

(Updated ) Slug-Salt responds:

Hey VicariousE,

I too have been a janitor, it's the closest thing a person can do that will make you feel like a ghost. I don't care for strangers as it is so I was even more wraith like. But all in all it payed well and got me though a hard time. Hope you're sleeping better dude!


2014-05-29 16:00:29

It's the stigma that goes with work like that, that I didn't much care for. America used to respect any working stiff, now it's gone back to a 'class' structure... wear something less than fashionable, and people think you're beneath them somehow :\

Getting better now that winter's done, but I've had to go on a Claritin knock-off to keep my ears from ringing... rotten sinuses. Almost 3 years and 3 ENT's, and the 4th guy (I paid for out of pocket) tells me my ear drum got split open in the car accident, great.

Slug-Salt responds:

I've had a ringing in my ear for all my life my ringing sounds like one of those devices used to keep mosquitoes away., you learn to tune it out pretty quickly. At least your sounds curable, but if not don't worry to much about it, these bodies aren't meant to last anyway.


2014-06-03 01:11:33

Although I'm due to expire sooner than you, it aggravates me that it's going to cost me out of pocket.. my lawyer says he's got all the major bills negotiated, so I doubt my car insurance policy will reimburse me for any more medical claims... Hope your tinnitus doesn't worsen, mine has been thanks to my new found allergies, no doubt given a great headway, thanks to the ear drum rupture.

Ever do any NG meets before? You would've been most welcome at Pico Day. All you have to do is ask Tom about a month or so before the event, and he'll surely invite you :)

Slug-Salt responds:

NG meets eh? No never been to one. I would surly like to meet some of you dudes and if it's held in NYC again it wouldn't be a big problem getting there.

When does that usually go off?


2014-06-03 22:39:50

GoryBlizzard usually handles those meets, but he's not doing one this summer. Another local user called j0hnny (his name really is Johnny, met him at Pico Day this year) is trying to coordinate something in Philly next year, which seems odd, since Pico Day is so close to his proposed date.

If you ever do any geek conventions, there's sure to be someone from Newgrounds there. Since I'm a bit of a plebiscite, I carry around a picture of my usericon... because with so many names and ppl here, a picture sure helps. Shadman didn't know who I was until I whipped out my hokey badge :)