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24HRC3 : The Portal

2010-12-31 18:33:36 by Slug-Salt

24HRC3 : The Portal

a group of really talented fellows got together and animated a sweet toon for the new year. they were kind enough to feature two of my songs one older and one brand spanking new! check it out! and Happy New Year!

ha HA!

2010-09-27 18:56:40 by Slug-Salt

check out the new toon by RedHarvest and friends called "Madness - Guild Trip" they did a hell of a job and even let me write a few songs for them, oh and there is some older music from me in there as well.

You can hear it all!

2009-08-02 16:09:12 by Slug-Salt

finally after 5 years Iv released Love & Kinetics, my 2nd and last industrial album under the name Aphelion Run, click here to check it out. if you would like a copy just let me know and I will bittorrent it to you or send you a CD via Snail Mail!

You can hear it all!


2008-02-10 11:02:37 by Slug-Salt