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2017-01-01 07:17:14 by Slug-Salt

Hey Guys,

I'm still around! Moved back to the west coast last year and have been real busy working and writing. Hope to have lots of new music to post in 2017. If anyone in the LA area wants to hang out just shoot me a message, even loners like me get lonely!

Happy New Year! 

If something scares you...

2014-11-12 08:15:15 by Slug-Salt

If something scares you thats the first sign you're on the right track. Be the fear eater.

And Distance In-Between (A spiraling thought)

2014-03-15 08:48:59 by Slug-Salt

     A faded photograph from my childhood shines brighter than any possible future. The longing so palpable if you told me I could put it all back together I might actually try. Step one; recover every book, thread and morsel given away. Step two; Cure my loved ones of age and burdens of time and dress them like the turn of the millennial icons they have become. Step three; resurrect those who have passed beyond and more so, recover their souls from Gods burning hands. Step four; clone eight year old self and give me only thirty minutes to explain to him how vital this moment, this very iota of time is the best of his life. And even if it isn’t he’ll remember it that way. Reluctantly I will let me run away from me knowing that nothing I’ve said will stick out in his mind. But upon further thought I realize that was exactly what was meant to happen.

     The best is yet to come this I must believe as the new youth tears gashes through the canvas we’ve painted of our teenage triumphs. We did it best after all but then again, isn’t that what our fathers said? What our mothers said? As the memories of a time without grey passes behind us like a car moving on a highway in the opposite direction we forget the fires; the wild fires of our hearts filled with sunlight and amoral purpose. Perhaps that is what we miss most, the assurity of our minds married with the will of our spotless hearts. Undefeated souls bending the will of the world to our means; as fleeting and shallow as they may be. I can tell you that God does not count the sins of the young, only when we start to believe he does; he does.

     Place an immortal being in a world of marionettes and he will soon start to think and move as they do. Their minds blister and spin so shall his, their strings bind them to the limits of matter and he will believe he has strings that can be bound. Tell him he is wood and clay and he will do as wood and clay does, even when it returns to which it came. But how long can the puppet masters convince a living thing it is dead? No longer than three beats of a humming birds heart.

     The nature of putting things back together goes against the nature of our material world. The essence of time is that when applied to a realm of matter will force it back to its basic elements. The Janitor is the greatest heretic of nature’s law, yet the dirty work they do is forced upon them out of necessity; like the slave soldiers of old they reverse the thing that would one day set the world to rights.

     So the photograph remains just a chemical reaction, and the resurrection of a life gone by is for now impossible. And the old cliché rings true, you can never go home again. But however imagination always trumps the impossible, so let’s pick up the box of holy crayons and draw a masterpiece of shit on the walls of God’s house. 

Hi there

2013-08-04 15:07:41 by Slug-Salt

I was tired of looking at my last post. ;D

Hi there

It's a strange strange thing

2012-09-29 17:47:30 by Slug-Salt

Being 31 years old and going to college is a strange strange thing.

Back in my 20's I decided to take an alternative path in life, one that didn't involve scholastics. Instead I wrote music, taught myself flash, 3d modeling and other media. This has served me pretty well and landed me the job I have now which I love.

However I felt it important to continue my education, so in 2007 I enrolled in college here in upstate NY. Not only is it weird to be in school at 31, but add to that the unfamiliarity with the east cost mentality makes for an odd journey.

I know I make myself sound like an old timer when I say "what the fuck is with kids these days!" but I'll say it anyway. What the FUCK is with kids these days? Less than 2% of anyone I meet wants to do anything besides party, buy the newest whatsit or just veg like an idiot until their lives expire. I rarely find people that want to do something truly different with their time.

I foresee a new "punk" (I use the term very loosely) movement, and I pray for it to haste it's way here. I've had enough with the glamour and obsession with the rich. I say who needs them? Really, they belong to an elite group of the most shallow pricks on earth yet young people worship them. I say bring on the trash, bring on the nasty real world and let that take a spot light for a change. People need to start being inspired by their own lives not that imaginary life they think they want to be a part of, trust me when you get there you'll probably want to eat a bullet.

Start to think for yourselves kids! make less parodies and more originals, Say fuck you to that hot girl that has no time for you and bag yourself a chubby sweetheart that will love you and make you laugh. Make music, toons, art for yourself and nobody else. You might be ashamed of it at first, that's fine! look at it again in 5 years and you'll want to suck your own dick.

Of all the music I've written the stuff I wrote for myself, the stuff that I thought I'd never share with anyone is the best work to date.

<3 (I may or may not have been drinking)

4:44 am

2012-05-23 04:46:27 by Slug-Salt

I'm very tired, but after forever I've posted some new songs for you guys. They are works in progress so be gentle on me.

Happy Summer <3

4:44 am

I'm Back!

2011-03-29 23:36:53 by Slug-Salt

school has had me under it's thumb for a few weeks but i'm back! and i'm ready to start writing tons of music. i also think i'm gonna attempt another cartoon believe it or not. life is good and i'm ready to give back. cheers!

10 years holy hell

2011-02-22 00:12:17 by Slug-Salt

Today marks 10 years since i signed up for Newgrounds holy shit, that's crazy. The years flew by they really did. Hope this site is around for another ten years at least. For those of you i promised new music to, it's coming i swear, just got unlucky with exams and they all fell on the same week and since i did none of the reading i was supposed to do i had to catch up on 2 months of past reading assignments, yeah... i wana bash my brains out with this history book.

just a reminder

2011-01-24 21:43:48 by Slug-Salt

please PLEASE...... credit me whenever you use my music, it may not seem like a big deal but id love to make a living off my tunes someday and the more hits my content gets in a search engine the better off i'll be when i'm applying for audio jobs. please and thank you!

bonus for taking the time to read the above! here is a picture of me and some friends from high school that was recently unearthed. I couldn't stop laughing I had total forgotten about it. My friend Atom won a free family portrait from sears off a carton of orange juice (he bought it to make the acid he was on more better.) so we got dressed up and went to the mall and this was the result. can you guess which one is me? (here is a hint i look like i have the gay real bad.)

just a reminder


2011-01-09 23:58:20 by Slug-Salt

Thundersocks made it in the top 5 songs of the week, I can't tell you how awesome that is. nice to see some hard work pay off...... who am i kidding it was all muse and like 3% me. But actually thanks to the cartoonists that helped it get heard you guys are the best.

thanks to everyone who has been scoring it so well, and if you get a moment check out "Starbloom" a new classicalish song i posted.

cheers and thanks again!!